Domz & Fritz

Shots for Morning Halo

Never had I imagined a life without you. I once lived a vagabond and carefree life, something that NO ONE, not even my closest friends and kin was able to correct. I had my highs and lows, but nothing felt more right than waking up each morning having you by my side. And as we face tomorrow together, let us create new memories and treasures till eternity.




Having someone like you made the difference. Just like the sun shining on the East and settles on the West, you light up my life unexpectedly. You had illuminated what used to be a bleak and gloomy life. You had brought meaning and worth when everything fell apart. I never thought you could be that one romance I never thought I had. You had brought focus and clarity to my everyday existence. I will always cherish my days knowing you and our journey together as one.

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